Everything we do is an effort to contribute to a world that is based on connection and collaboration amongst people.  

We believe that women can create deep connections with each other and collaborate across cultures, religions and nations for a better world. To do this to our potential, we must venture out to see the world, meet each other and find ways to play and work together.

We create experiences that bring women together to travel for adventure and travel with a purpose.


We believe women should have the freedom to travel, explore and have adventures with a feeling of safety and security.

We believe women from diverse backgrounds can come together in a meaningful way.

We believe that travel helps us to find and support others who aim to help themselves.

We believe in working with local individuals and organisation in all our businesses to benefit local communities.

We believe in responsible travel.  We seek green solutions.  We promote litter management on our travels.  We seek out institutions that respect and protect the rights of people and animals alike.  We ensure fauna is protected.

The longer story

From the very earliest, we’ve been adventurers.  We would wander about the savannah (we call that hiking now, or even better – trekking) for hours and hours of unsupervised exploring grasslands, dried up riverbeds and rocky mounds.  Sometimes we’d pile into the back of a bucky and be off on a game drive, hoping to be the first to spot a kudu, impala or a warthog – or something even more exciting – so we could point and show the others where to look.  We made up stories about who we were and what we were doing.  We would climb into the tangled branches of a tree and pretend we were manning a pirate ship.  We knighted each other.  We would get lost in the jungles. We would pore over old maps and atlases losing ourselves in the epic routes we dreamed of following across the globe.  

At times our adventures took us further away from home.  Our parents would pack us up into a car and we would follow endless roads to new destinations.  Looking out of the windows as we drove through Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, we would drift away and fall asleep mesmerised by the ever changing landscapes and all of the wonderous imaginings they incited in our young minds.

In retrospect, it seems inevitable that we would be drawn to a life of travel.

We both left home in 2010, with a wanderlust firmly intact.  

We founded Yalla Safri in 2016 on returning from India and Thailand respectively, We both came home from our travels thankful for the experiences that travel brings and an idea to make travel more accessible to women.