Hi, my names Najiba and I’m from the UK. What can I say about my experience with Yalla Safri? I’d joined the group to travel across Jordan in October 2016 and by far it was one of the best trips I’ve ever decided to go on. It was the first trip I’d gone without planning myself and to be completely honest there’s no way I could have planned it any better. The girls really made me feel safe and welcome. Amongst us were other women from all over the world, different professions, age, cultures. It was a learning experience from the very beginning, I not only learnt so much about Jordan and its rich culture and rich beauty but also about myself. Every single person in that group treated each other with such respect and care that by the end of it, I was emotional parting from my new family!
During our trip in Jordan, we were met at the airport by a Yalla Safri representative who already had our visas on hand which helped beat the immigration lines. From that point on it was a short drive to our hotel, after that I was greeted by Aiah and Marwah, who had waited up until 11pm! We had a chat about the itinerary (which had been presented in an easy to read guide) and parted to get some rest for the following day. From then on each day was very clear. Everything was explained beforehand, where we were off to, activities, history.
The itinerary had actually specified a walking-difficulty rating, which had been very useful for what footwear we could expect to wear as well actually mental preparation! When we had visited Petra, we had hiked for almost 2 hours. I can barely run around my local park haha so this was quite an achievement, taking into consideration the heat and the difficulty of climbing the amazing stairs of the canyon. Little things like this made the trip really easy going and pretty comforting to know what we were doing next.
I tried scuba-diving for the first time ever, diving in the red sea and even Para-sailed for the first time too. The girls had so much experience with activities like this that I knew I was in safe hands, again asking sooo many questions beforehand.. haha.
I cannot commend the sisters enough for their professionalism, organisational skills and absolutely homely aura. Before the trip they were helpful with any concerns I had with visa/passport, currency and even flights. I really can’t wait to go on another adventure with you, thank you so much for all that you’ve shown me and taught me, until next time. I could write so much more but for any questions and I’m happy to for anyone to email me at najiba91@hotmail.com